Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:

This page contains the aswers to the questions we received. It will be updated regularly.

What’s the greatest asset of Floranti?

Growers and suppliers are known for their constant innovations. Every day the internet is filled with new product introductions. The difficulty is to provide each product with the attention it requires. For buyers, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to introduce new concepts. Floranti enables both parties to be unique and attract the other. Floranti makes products stand out in a crowd.

Why is Floranti so unique?

Floranti’s organisation is based on a cooperative structure. Byers and suppliers can truly participate in the company. It generates benefits like being able to make joint decisions, sharing profits and profit from discounts. This makes Floranti the first independent floricultural platform in the Netherlands.

How do I join?

A participant receives several benefits. The first participants to join gain more benefits compared to later entries. Floranti wants to provide equal chances for everybody so that a list will be generated based on date/time of entry. Participants can be growers as well as buyers.

Are you interested in participating, please contact mvanwinden@floranti.com

Are only participants allowed to use the platform?

No, the platform is for all those companies who buy or sell flowers and plants. The use is not related to being a participant in the Floranti cooperation.

What is meant by ‘bundling’?

Buyers can make a selection on the platform that can be connected to their software system.  This can of course also be a selection of multiple suppliers.

Buyers can choose various combinations of products from multiple suppliers and combine that into one order, or better said, a bundle of products.

Also, suppliers will have the possibility to publish their products to multiple buyers or even connect to other platforms.

Floranti will expand the possibilities of its existing peer-2-peer sharing of available stock. Already thousands of transactions are handled daily using this service. This service will be expanded shortly.

What about the costs?

The use of the basic services will be free of charge. Additional services and promotional activities will be charged depending on demanded features. A more exact revenue model is under construction.

Will this system compete with the traditional auction?

Floranti has no intention of competing with auctions. Auctions play a big part in the process of sales, logistics and handling finances and paper trail. Floranti will strengthen the commercial power of the users. How the transactions are paid or transported is the responsibility of the buyers and suppliers. Whether the transaction takes place through an auction, Ai2 or otherwise billed is of no importance.

Floranti aims to facilitate service and therefore will always seek cooperation.

What role plays SDF Codema Systems?

The basic ideas for starting a platform like Floranti were born in SDF. Floranti is now a completely independent company with no ties to SDF. It has other stockholders, and a different organizational structure, the corporations SDF and Codema Systems both have no part in Floranti.

The people of SDF are hired as consultants because of their know-how and experience in developing successful platforms like these. The actual construction of the platform is executed by a new team in Holland as well as abroad.

Can I connect the platform to my systems?

Floranti uses common standards enabling easy connectivity. In the near future Floranti will develop new features. It is possible that new connections/API’s have to be developed. These developments will always be communicated to the stakeholders

Who can get to my data?

Floranti is an independent platform and has no other intention than developing an innovative new service for its users. The choice is made to give users the chance to participate in the company and also to give them the opportunity to discuss the safety of data.

The stored data, needed to operate the platform is secured and shielded by the most modern techniques.

What about planning?

The platform is Agile/Scrum based. The preparations for setting up this structure with an experienced team started in may 2017.

The finishing touch is momentarily working on technical, functional and graphic designs. Floranti expects to present the first results in Q2/2018.In periods of two weeks, features will be added to the platform. The focus is on the online catalogue and digitally connecting all systems.

The input of the participants will be taken into account while developing the platform.

Is it important which EAB-package I use?

It should not be a problem. Floranti works with all the known software suppliers. You are always welcome to check this with Floranti.

Is it important which trading software I use?

Floranti works with all the known software suppliers. If you can communicate via VMP or EKT with others, then there should not be a problem. You are always welcome to check this with Floranti.


New platform

The core of Floranti’s business exists of a software platform. A completely new platform, a well thought out platform, a future-proof platform. A platform where products stand out in the crowd.

Join Floranti

The cultivation sector is built upon the force of cooperation, the founders of Floranti embrace this thought. Floranti is definitely not an ordinary company, but a firm where you have a vote, can make choices and be a part of its future.

Floranti dares to be different

Floranti’s team has numerous years of experience and the guts of new entrepreneurs. The time has come to make a difference. Be the first, be in the front row and join!


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